sneeze guard


Our sneeze guards are made of clear, durable perspex and are available in a variety of different styles to suit many different environments;

Grocery, pharmacy, medical and dentists’ receptions, care homes and retirement villages, nail salons, car dealerships, real estate and food courts have all benefited from the added layer of security and comfort provided.

The range of Cyplex sanitiser towers are designed to appeal to every size and budget.

Placing a sanitiser at the entrance of the store or room gives everyone within a heightened sense of security.

Customers feel at ease to shop or browse and employees are focused on providing service.

The act of sanitising hands on entrance reduces anxiety and ensures that any sales or marketing activity can proceed unhindered


Good communication is necessary in times of crisis. Let your customers know why screens and sanitisers are in place using a friendly tone of voice, familiar colours and logos.

Social distancing has been proven to be followed when the floor has regularly spaced stickers throughout the environment.


In some situations such as Nail Salons or in medical or dental facilities, there is a need for PPE to provide an additional security for employees and customers.

Face shields have been used throughout the pandemic on the front line to minimise aerosol transmission of the Covid19 virus and can be combined with other products to maximise safety.

Cyplex have manufactured our own face shield product in Australia and it is TGA certificated.

vertical vendors

Vertical Vendor is an innovative, free-standing display that promotes impulse purchase of drinks.

The stand contains springs that push up beer, liquor or soft drinks to perfect position for shopping.

 Because the stock is contained within the display, the outside panels can be used for branding.



Vertical Vendor has been used in breweries, festivals, publicity events, promotions or even placed in offices.

 It will work in bottle shop cool rooms (walk in fridges) and will function for years to come.


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