Point Of Sale Stand

Why a Point of Sale Stand is so Important in Retail

Established this year in 2020, Cyplex works to set up print, signage, retail furniture, and having a point of sale stand in the right location across Australia. A point of sale stand is something every manufacturer of a product needs in a store to get the best sales and promotions from their products. It is an eye-catcher used to bring attention to the highest foot traffic areas within a business. When people see the point of sale stand, they stop and check out what kind of deals they can find. Many pick up what is on the stand and purchase the products. Manufacturers of products love these forms of sale because it moves their supply quickly. The customers love them because if it is in the right place, it is convenient. Here at Cyplex, we work with different brands, agencies, retailers, and shopfitting trade. Our clients are famous worldwide and have many good things to say about how fast their merchandise moves.

We are a POS display manufacture company specializing in helping our clients sell the most out of their products to increase their revenue. The products on display can be found anywhere in the most convenient stores for customers and strategically placed. For example, some of our customers like Covergirl, Panasonic, Smart Water, and others will all be found in the same department as the products they sell. Covergirl products will be in the makeup and cosmetic section. Panasonic smartphones will be in the phone section, and Smart Water will be in the beverage section or at the front counter area. The difference is we have the display showing with the right colors, at the right place, with the most professional look to catch the eye of anyone who passes near the POS display manufacture products. It draws a customer in to buy the product if the display is catchy.